Foods to be considered:

Kuttu Atta (buckwheat flour), Samak rice, Singhara atta, Rajgira flour, Sabudana, Fruits, Vegetables, Dry fruits, Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Paneer, Tea/Coffee, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Coconut water, Milkshake, Sendha Namak (Rock salt)

Foods to be avoi...

Aim for healthy choices and whole foods as mentioned below. Avoid processed/junk foods and sugary drinks. These healthy options are not only beneficial to curb the hunger in between major meals but also helpful in overall well-being and healthy lifestyle.

  • Replace...

7 Sep 2019

One of the main household items you will find in every Indian kitchen is wheat flour mainly used for making chapati, naan, paratha and puri. The two types of wheat flour available in Indian market are whole wheat flour and maida or all-purpose flour. There is no debate...

6 Sep 2019

We must have always heard that Maida (White flour) and products made from it are very harmful for our health.  However, use of Maida & its products usage is increasing rapidly in our day-to-day life. Sometimes, we are consuming it in form of bread at our home and somet...

5 Sep 2019

Indian food is all about savoury let it be paratha-chutney, idli sambhar or poha and the main ingredient is salt. Our taste buds are not used to food without salt or with too little salt.

Even though the word ‘Salt’ brings us an image of a white powder used commonly in...

3 Sep 2019

The food label is your guide to understanding the nutrient value along with other relevant information of the foods that you choose. Reading the food label can help you in:

  • Identifying the nutrients present in the food, drink or dietary supplements

  • Ascertaining...

3 Sep 2019

Most of the parents convince their kids saying that "drink your milk quickly so that you'll grow big and strong!". Reason is: milk provides valuable macronutrients (Protein, Fat & Carbohydrates) as well as micronutrients (Vitamin A, C, D, B Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Mag...

2 Sep 2019

Sugar is considered as integral part of our life when it comes to food. After waking up in the morning we grab a cup of coffee/tea with sugar cubes or sugar and this process of sugar consumption continues entire day either by adding it in tea, milk, coffee or by consum...

27 Apr 2018

These days everyone wants to follow Ketogenic diet or Paleo diet just to get quick results in terms of weight loss. For those who are not aware of Keto diet, let me try to explain it in simple words:

Keto diet, also known as low-carb diet or low-carb high...

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