Alcohol & Athlete

A lot of people believe in hitting the gym during the day and then a bar at night. One feels there’s no harm in drinking a little amount of alcohol now and then. Actually the term “little” and “now and then” cannot even be used in that former sentence since it’s more like binge drinking every weekend! Don’t drink and drive isn’t only for behind the wheels, it’s also on the field (and the gym). First let’s give you a list of how alcohol can affect your body, and then we can get down to details! Keep in mind these affects are within 48 hours of alcohol consumptions, that too just after 2-3 standard drinks.


  • Decrease strength

  • Impair hand eye coordination

  • Increase fatigue (by impacting liver function)

  • Mineral and vitamin depletion

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Impact cellular repair (since protein is affected negatively)