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The Founder

An author of 'Nutrition for Sportspersons' book (published by Department of Youth Empowerment & Sports, Government of Karnataka), Silky Mahajan is a highly acclaimed name in the list of top Sports Nutritionists in India. She is the Founder & Nutrition Expert at Foods & Nutrition Clinic, Bangalore. An award-winning nutritionist, she changes the way you eat forever with her acute understanding of nutrition and its significance in the diet. She has a Masters degree in Foods & Nutrition from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Also, she is Certified Sports Nutritionist from International Sports Science Association, USA. Silky also got trained in the field of Nutrition from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Chandigarh and Fortis Escort Hospital. She is holding Certified Diabetes Educator certification from International Hope Health Academy (IDEEL). Also, she is an active member of Indian Dietetics Association (IDA).


Her profound knowledge in the field of nutrition and dietetics has made her the youngest most Nutritionists in the country. In an extremely short span of time, she has dealt with athletes globally, both elite players who have participated in top International Championships as well as young budding athletes with a promising future. 

Our Strategy

Nutrition Assessment

In-depth evaluation of both objective and subjective data related to an individual's food and nutrient intake, lifestyle, and medical history. Once the data on an individual is collected and organized, assess and evaluate the nutritional status of that person.

Nutrition Diagnosis

Data collected during the nutrition assessment guides nutritionist in selection of the appropriate nutrition diagnosis (i.e., naming the specific problem).

Nutrition Intervention

Select the nutrition intervention that will be directed to the root cause of the nutrition problem and aimed at alleviating the signs and symptoms of the diagnosis.

Nutrition Monitoring/Evaluation

Determine if the patient/client has achieved, or is making progress toward, the planned goals.  

Clients Speak

Gurmeet Singh, Athlete Sports Nutrition

Thank you for all your hard work

Gurmeet Singh is current Indian record holder in the 20 km race walk & have qualified for the London Olympics in race walk event. Gurmeet has improved in terms of Endurance, timings & energy levels. Thanks for all your hard work put in to take him to next levels & hoping to get the same support for future international events.

Ramakrishnan Gandhi, Coach

Sports Authority of India (SAI), Bangalore

Joel Weight Management

A Diet that changed our Life

The Diet was well planned and there was a snack every hour almost because of which we were never hungry. Silky has done a great job making the diet keeping in mind our likes and dislikes. No amount of words can express our gratitude to Silky. 

Nivedhya Acne & Skin Improvement

You have made wonders

My skin has improved a lot and even acne started subsiding after following your diet chart. I really appreciate your work mam....indeed you have made wonders on my skin which many Dermatologists have failed  to. Really thank you for your treatment.

Our Clients
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