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Online Consultation

Online Diet consultation is a unique service offered for our clients to avail the service from any location. It is very useful for the people who are not able to take time out because of their busy lifestyle. Clients don’t need to visit the clinic and can avail all the benefits as meeting in person. We provide remote health care via e-mail, smartphones, and two-way video conferencing. 


Our nutrition experts develop a personalized, comprehensive nutrition program based on your unique requirements. After you answer a series of simple questions, our dietitian reviews your needs, helps you establish realistic goals, and offers you the right combination of healthy eating changes, meal planning, and helpful tips to start you on your way to a healthier future. Our online nutritionists provide health risk assessments, diet evaluations, guidance and support to address the consumers underlying health conditions and personal likes and dislikes.


You can book an appointment by contacting us and we will be in touch with you via phone, Skype or FaceTime. 

Foods & Nutrition clinic provides you the liberty to choose nutrition service as per your needs. Click here to enroll online for various nutrition services.

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