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Gurmeet Singh is current Indian record holder in the 20 km race walk & have qualified for the London Olympics in race walk event. Gurmeet has improved in terms of Endurance, timings & energy levels. Thanks for all your hard work put in to take him to next levels & hoping to get the same support for future international events.


Ramakrishnan Gandhi, Coach

Sports Authority of India (SAI), Bangalore

Gurmet Singh, Athlete | Service enrolled: Sports Nutrition


My wife and I were asked to reduce our weight for better chances for conception by Dr. Varna.
She referred us to Silky an experienced Dietitian. On our first visit she checked our weight and gave us Targets. 25 Kgs for me and 5 to 10 Kgs for my wife. She also studied our blood reports and gave us appropriate diets for our body type. Dr. Varna and Silky discussed our case in detail and Silky told that if we follow this diet, my Wife would conceive in the next 2 and half months. They were very confident. She recommended workouts along with the Diet. The Workout comprised of 5 KM jog and brisk walk + Cardio in Gym or Yoga. The Diet was well planned and there was a snack every hour almost because of which we were never hungry. We had no cravings as she had included a lot of our favourite foods as well (Limited quantity).

Now the BEST part:
10 days into the program my wife had lost 3 Kgs and had concieved. This is a miracle. I really want to thank Silky and Dr. Varna for putting us through this program. All our frustration just changed to absolute BLISS overnight. My Wife's diet has been changed by Silky and she is progressing with a Healthy pregnancy. I continued the diet with renewed motivation and happiness. 30 days now into the program and I have shed an amazing 8 Kgs. Since losing an impressive 8Kgs on the program, I have a lot more energy throughout the day and I'm determined to continue losing weight until my Goal is reached! 

Silky has done a great job making the diet keeping in mind our likes and dislikes. No amount of words can express our gratitude to Silky.
I would like to wish her the very best and may God bless her and help her to realise many more DREAMS!!!

Thanks and Cheers!!!

Joel, Software professional | Service enrolled: Weight management


This is to let you know that my skin has improved a lot and even acne started subsiding after following your diet chart for just for a month..I have taken lot of treatments from famous dermotologists from india and abroad but it all seems to be of no use..infact i got more disappointed knowing the fact that none of the dermotologists could clear my acne related skin problems....but you have made my skin clear through diet only....i hope in future my skin wil become more clear n will get rid of all acne scars that i have on my jaw....i really thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me confident by clearing off all my acne related skin problems....I deeply regret for not consulting you much before and for taking several expensive treatments from dermotologists which I found to be of no I really appreciate your work mam....indeed you have made wonders on my skin which many dermotologists have failed really thank you for your treatment....

Nivedhya, Student | Service enrolled: Skin Care


I thought I ate healthily and that my sports nutrition was on point. That was until I met Silky Mahajan who completely transformed the way I thought about food, what and when I ate. This enabled me to eat healthy and very good transformation happen with high energy levels better endurance while playing Cricket:) Thank you Mam.

Yash Chinappa, Cricketer | Service enrolled: Sports Nutrition


I really want to thank you for all your help. I have lost over 12 kgs so far, over four months period. I have also lost over 7 inches from my waist. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful I feel since these changes. I've tried many other diets but none has even come close to the success I've had over the past four months from following your recommendations and from what I've learned using the Personal Diet. I would love to thank you in person but realize how many others you have had that have expressed similar request after they have succeeded on your diets. I really feel like I'm on my way now and just thought others should know how wonderful you and your program are." "I have gotten truly expert advice from you as well as quick responses to all my questions. I had no idea just how much difference a diet professional could make and have been truly satisfied with the whole program- from the cost and value of the program.

Thank you so much !!

Sara, Housewife | Service enrolled: Weight Loss


Silky  is a fantastic dietician. She is very attentive and always gives positive feedback. I feel comfortable speaking with her.about everything. She always makes sure I have at least 2 + possible solutions to my obstacles. Silky has given me a lot of great recipe ideas so, I won't feel bored with my meals and she had made some fantastic suggestions on how to overcome making bad decisions with my meal options. I am very grateful to Silky for her honest guidance. Her ability to connect with my personal needs was truly appreciated. 

Divya Raju | Service enrolled: Diet Therapy


Not only I have lost my excess weight, I have got my confidence & energy back. The secret of eating every two hourly has really helped. Thank you Silky for teaching me the Art of Losing Weight and managing diabetes with the well planned & easy to follow diets.

Deepak Rai, IT Professional | Service enrolled: Weight Loss


I just want to thank you for these last 10 weeks. Since I am with dietitian Silky Mahajan, I am now focused on eating healthy…. not dieting!!!! What a big change for me….. Someone who has been dieting since the age of 15!!! I am so happy with the minor modifications I am making and am really happy to continue on and try to regularly include the suggestions you provide me into my daily meal plans both at home or while dining out. Your care and encouragement have completely changed my relationship with food.

Priya Bhola| Service enrolled: Diet Therapy


Having played competitive tennis in testing environments for a number of years I need to make sure that I am on top of my nutrition. I choose Sports Nutrition under my Nutritionist Silky to keep me at my peak and in optimal condition. Her Hydration Stratergy and customized Nutrition Plans makes sure I’m hydrated and replacing the critical electrolytes I loose during training and on match days, the Energy Sports Drinks keep me fuelled at all times and the Brown rice protein and protein homemade drinks with added Leucine enhances my recovery. “I recommend her without any hesitation’

Shreya, Tennis player | Service enrolled: Sports Nutrition


I've read many books on health and fitness and have tried many eating and exercise programs with some limited benefit, but have never been able to put it all together and fully realize my health and fitness goals. If you're tired and frustrated with today's standard health care of "quick once over" followed by a prescription, then I would highly recommend working with Dr. Silky Mahajan. She absolutely reflects what she teaches!! It will be an investment in your future that you will benefit from for the rest of your life! 

Isha Gaurav,

Isha Gaurav, Pune| Service enrolled: Health & Wellness


After giving birth to my son, I was eager to get back to my pre-baby weight. However, because I was breastfeeding, I had to be careful about making extreme changes to my diet that could affect my milk supply. Silky put an extensive amount of time into designing a meal plan that would help me lose weight while also consuming enough calories so that I could continue to breastfeed successfully. Not only have I shed all of my pregnancy weight, but she has endowed me with new knowledge about diet and nutrition that I am confident will enable me to easily maintain my ideal weight.".All the bestJ Vidya

Vidhya Srinivas, Bangalore | Service enrolled: Weight Loss


Thank you Silky for your wonderful guidance w.r.t Utkarsh's diet plan. It not only helped him in doing the right practice, but also performed really well during his state and national competitions. You not only look at short-term goals, but also work at long term goals too. Your weekly follow up with Utkarsh has made him a healthy food eater and he is very conscious about what he eats! Looking forward for continued engagement!


Utkarsh, National Swimmer | Service enrolled: Sports Nutrition


I was almost 15 kgs over weight & always thought something is going wrong with my food. I tried almost all the Diet programs, Cleansing, Protein, Fat Free, Sugar Free, food supplements etc, etc. but none of the things really helped me in loosing weight to a reasonable level. After that, through one of my friends I came to know about Silky Mahajan & I thought to consult with her.

At our first counseling, Silky asked about my current life style, food habits, likes/dislikes, medical history etc & recommended few blood tests. Based on my complete details & medical reports, she made some changes to my diet. I followed her instructions 100%, and to my complete amazement, I felt better within a week!! I couldn't believe it- it was completely life changing. I continued my sessions with Silky and continued to follow the plan she put together for me and my crazy life-style. Its been almost 6 months now, and it's has been life changing. I look and feel amazing!!!

Silky will teach you so many tips and tricks for eating healthy in any situation- work events, weddings, traveling, dinner parties etc. She will show you how to dissect restaurant menus, read ingredient labels, what to put in your grocery cart, and how to cook delicious healthy meals.

Silky is the *BEST NUTRITIONIST* I ever came across. Her passion, talent and understanding towards nutrition is simply superb. I won't hesitate to say that it will be the best money you ever spend. You feel empowered and know how to take care of your body. You will feel amazing. You will look amazing.​


Priya Jindal, Chartered Accountant | Service enrolled: Weight Loss


Tejaswini is 13-year-old fastest middle distance runner. Also, she is youngest athlete participated in school Olympics in Netherlands. She has won gold medal in road racing 3km, 800 M, 1500 M. She was hugely appreciated by fastest person ever, Usain bolt & Milkha Singh for her excellent efforts towards sports. I would like to thank you for all your smart & timely efforts which really helped her to improve her running day by day. I can see the clear visibility in terms of her energy levels & endurance, which is really commendable. I also found you very approachable whenever required. Thank you once again for your guidance.

Tejsawini, International Athlete | Service enrolled: Sports Nutrition


When I contacted Silky first time, I was feeling very frustrated and totally lost.  Though I was taking all possible cautions like avoiding junk food, eating less, exercising Yet, I was still fighting to feel good about my body. Like other slim girls I also wanted to see myself getting fit into all stlyish dresses. After consulting Silky, very first thing she did was changing my way towards life. I started feeling positive by thinking "Yes I will". Silky educated me about various foods and food behaviors.  I took a real, honest look at how much sugar I was eating.  I also looked at the old restrictive behaviors that controlled what and how much food I ate.  I set a mindfulness plan for my diet. She suggested me to set small small targets to achieve my goals & hit them rather than looking at final goal. I decided not to bother myself by checking my weight again & again & focussed on two things: 1. recommended diet 2. positive thinking. This trick worked like a magic & when I checked my weight after 1 month, I couldn't believe that I lost 6 kgs without keeping myself hungry. It was really an amazing feeling & I was feeling like I never felt before. I have no words to "THANK" silky who changed a negative thinking girl to a princess with full of energy & positive atitude. 

Fast forward to today and I feel like a different personality!  In a few short months I've overhauled my eating habits and transformed my relationship with food. I still have a great deal to learn, but Silky has set in motion a wonderful lifestyle change that I have fully embraced.  I recommend Silky to anyone who is looking to develop a healthy relationship with food and eating, and who is looking to improve his or her quality of life.  She will guide you, support you, and care about you every step of the way.

Trisha Roy, Fasion Designer | Service enrolled: Weight Loss


My name is Ranga and I am a 30 year old Vegetarian. As long as I can remember, I have been tilting the weighing scale in one direction alone.I am really obese but still active, I always thought something is wrong with my body as I always eat in moderation, even though I hardly workout.I tried almost all the Diet programs, Cleansing, Protein, Fat Free, Sugar Free, Shake for a Meal, Big Corporate Sponsored 1 Week program etc, etc. But none of the things really helped me in shedding pounds off my body to a reasonable level. Then I came to know about Food & Nutrition Clinic India though a well-wisher.During the orientation call with Dietitian Silky Mahajan grasped all the details of my eating habits, preferences, workout routine, lifestyle etc etc.She gave a plan two days after, when I looked at the plan I thought the intake has increased, and I thought I sure was gonna put on weight. And indeed what was suggested by the chart was more than I usually eat as I was always full and I had something to eat every two hours or so, but I started losing weight.I was active, I was having tasty food and I was always full, but I kept losing weight.Unlike other diets where I was starving and have craving for food, here I did not feel like eating anything other than what was part of the program.Ms. Silky Mahajan was in regular touch to answer any questions and alter the plan to suite my needs and a Big Thanks to her, I lost 10 Kgs in two months with a little bit of exercise and strict diet plan. I would recommend this to my friends who want a healthy lifestyle.


Ranga, IT Professional | Service enrolled: Weight Loss


I had heard about Dietitian Silky however, got a chance to interact with her when she visited our company for corporate lecture on Healthy eating. I was having very high cholesterol & at the same time was overweight too. After taking my body assessment she asked me to go for few tests & based on detailed analysis of my reports she recommended diet. Diet chart was very interesting to follow & I didn't find much difficulty to follow it. Within first month itself I started feeling the change & my cholesterol levels are in control & have reduced significant weight as well. 

I must say that she just expects you to follow her instructions honestly so that you can achieve your target because, its all about changing your food habits & life style that's all. It was really wonderful experience. 


Rajat M, IT Professional | Service enrolled: Medical Nutrition


I am in touch with Silky for almost 1 year and can honestly say she is an amazing inspiration and coach for my family. I have 2 kids between the ages of 9 and 13 and they each have different eating habits, likes/dislikes, and of course different needs.  Silky changed how we look at meals and food together as a family and has made our relationships with each other and with nutrition so much more positive. Not only as a Nutritionist, she is also a special person who makes everyone she works with feel special and good. Thanks for all your help & guidance. God Bless you !!​


Richa Arora, HR | Service enrolled: Kids Nutrition


Its been 2 years since I am taking nutrition services from Dietitian Silky. During this period I have seen great changes to my health and overall well-being. Silky is so great to see and makes personal nutrition plans as required. I always found her with full of positive energy. Her wealth of knowledge in nutrition and thoughtful ideas really helped me how to continue being healthier every day.​


Akshita, IT Professional | Service enrolled: Weight Management


Not only I have lost my excess weight, I have got my confidence & energy back. The secret of eating every two hourly has really helped. I would like to thank her for teaching me the Art of Losing Weight and managing diabetes with the well planned & easy to follow diets.​


Murali Prasad, Hyderabad | Service enrolled: Medical Nutrition

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