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Top 7 gluten free foods for athletes

For any athlete, their diet mainly relies on carbohydrate intake which helps in maintaining high energy levels, prevents fatigue, regulates blood sugar and helps in quick recovery after an event. Some athletes are now choosing gluten free foods as part of their performance enhancing factors. This basically means they’re choosing improved digestion and thus better absorption of nutrients which leads to an improved performance. A gluten free diet involves refined carbs, high fiber and lean protein – the perfect combination for any athlete! This is some of the top gluten free food an athlete should consume to further improve their performance.

Banana: One banana provides 31 grams of carbohydrates which really helps replenish your body’s exhausted carbohydrates. It also contains manganese which is essential for bone development and wound healing – another essential for any athlete. Bananas are also rich in potassium which is needed for muscle function. Basically a banana before your workout will really boost your performance!

Sweet potatoes:

This one’s a great option for long lasting energy. One cup contains 166 kcal of glucose which is always drained after any athletic event. They’re the kind of carbs which literally fuel your body like an IV drip! Sweet potatoes can boost energy, increase endurance and improve energy levels – it’s a win win situation!


Beans are an all inclusive source of protein, carbs and fiber. They also contain iron which really helps improve endurance. Need I say more?

Dried Fruits:

Figs, raisins and dates are a handy source of a mid workout fuel! They are rich in manganese and provide just the right amount of calories to prevent further energy drain. Also they’re portable, which means you can just stuff them in your gym bag!


It’s something like a cereal but not really. But the good part is that quinoa is loaded with crabs and also contains a large amount of protein! It helps build new muscle tissues and is also among the world’s healthiest food!

Gluten free protein bars:

As we all know, protein bars are loaded with carbs, fiber, protein and potassium. The only thing you need to do here is pick up one that’s gluten free. Leave the rest to the bar!


Hard boiled, scrambled, omelets and what not. Eggs are the best meal for any athlete, and for any athlete reading this I needn’t give reasons why. Its like universal knowledge!


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