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Tips - Navratri Fasting

Foods to be considered:

Kuttu Atta (buckwheat flour), Samak rice, Singhara atta, Rajgira flour, Sabudana, Fruits, Vegetables, Dry fruits, Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, Paneer, Tea/Coffee, Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Coconut water, Milkshake, Sendha Namak (Rock salt)

Foods to be avoided:

Wheat based products, Rice, Sooji, Besan, Onion, Garlic, Non-veg, Egg, Common salt, Alcohol, Junk food, too much fried foods, Caffeine in excess, Carbonated beverages, Foods containing too much additives and preservatives

Full Day Meal Planning:

  1. On Waking-up: Small banana/Fresh fruit juice/Mixed dry fruits

  2. Breakfast options: Milkshake/Smoothies/Fruits with yoghurt/Fruit Salad

  3. Mid-Morning: Indian tea/Lemon tea/Green tea/Coffee/Makhana

  4. Lunch options: Boiled potato Raita/Kuttu Pakori/Sabudana Khichdi/Fresh fruit salad

  5. Even Snack options: Coconut water/Lassi/Buttermilk/Fresh fruit juice/Lemon Water/Tea/Coffee

  6. Dinner options:

  • Kuttu roti + Any vegetable curry + Curd/buttermilk OR

  • Samak ki khichdi + Curd/buttermilk OR

  • Singhada atta roti + Aloo kadhi/Jeera Lauki curry + Curd/buttermilk OR

  • Rajgaria Parantha + any vegetable curry

Tips to keep Energy level up during Fasting:

  1. Eat small and healthy meals on frequent intervals and don’t starve yourself for longer period of time

  2. Eat more of fresh and seasonal fruits as these are storehouse of multiple vitamins and minerals

  3. Have plenty of fluids and include variety of fluids in the diet such as lemon water, coconut water, fresh fruit juice without addition of sugar, yoghurt, smoothie, buttermilk, vegetable juice etc.

  4. Avoid too many fried items in a single day

  5. Choose low fat options

  6. Keep yourself busy in your favourite activities so that you will not realise the time :).

In case of any related query or to book an appointment for diet consultation with Dt. Silky Mahajan please send us an email at or call on 7829999400 between 10:00 AM IST - 7:00 PM IST (Mon - Sat).

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