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A-Z tips health tips for long term success


This must always be under control. Over eating is just unnecessary fat for the body and insufficient eating will cause your metabolism to slow down.

Body goals

In your mind you must have a certain goal which you want to attain – drop 10 kg’s, beach body, fat stomach, bigger biceps – they’re all part of your body goals.


The only thing constant in this world is change. Change your diet regularly, change your exercise pattern and make all required changes in your lifestyle for long term results.


Make sure your diet contains enough green leafy veggies, lean protein, carbohydrates and a certain amount of fat. Even the occasional dessert and cheat meal should be incorporated in your diet.


No matter how often you eat right, how many hours of sleep you get and whether or not you count calories, until and unless your exercise daily you’ll never be able to have a totally healthy lifestyle.


The first step towards a long term healthy lifestyle is frequency. It takes 21 days to form a habit, after that it seems just natural. You need to be frequent and consistent to attain such long term goals.

Green tea

It helps boost the metabolic rate, reduce the belly fat and can lower the risk of various diseases. Try to drink at least 3-5 cups of green tea every day. Plus its 0 calories, so what’s the harm?

Home food

This one’s the best way to eat healthy and avoid junk food. By cooking at home you know exactly what you’re eating and you’re well aware of what nutrients go into your mouth. Plus it’s the easiest way to maintain a balanced diet (since the balance is in your hands now)!


You need inspiration to maintain long term success. It could be from apparent weight loss, from reading a book about healthy living or even by watching someone maintain a healthy lifestyle. This can’t be done by mindlessly following some diet!


Sometimes envying others might help you get the best results. When you envy someone for their clean eating habits or perfect body, you will probably want to achieve that yourself - which will be your biggest motivator for long term success.


You will literally wake up one day and decide you want to start living a healthy lifestyle! It’s time to kick start everyday towards making these healthy changes.

Losing weight safely

Who doesn’t want to shed 5 kgs in a month? But you can’t do this by starving yourself or going on a detox where you just eat fruits and drink water! That’s totally unhealthy. It is essential to let your weight loss journey take its time, so that you have long lasting results.

Mental health

Mental and physical health goes hand in hand. It is important that you focus on strengthening your mind as well, not only you body. Falls in metal health will eventually affect your physical health as well!


From carbs to protein to minerals, each and every nutrient is essential for maintaining a healthy diet as well as to perform normal bodily functions. Eating everything in the right proportion will promote a long lasting healthy lifestyle.


Observe what changes you are making, divide them into healthy and unhealthy changes and then continue with only the healthy changes. Your observation skills will help you get rid of the unnecessary and unhealthy changes instantly.


You need to promise yourself you’re going to stick to this new lifestyle no matter how hard it gets! Promise yourself to eat healthier every day, to exercise a little more everyday and definitely promise yourself to stay away from the unhealthy goodies!


It’s important to quit the bad habits! Binge drinking, smoking, stress eating and all these others habits aren’t going to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Raw foods

Raw foods are the best form of food you can get! They help prevent diseases, give your body a lot of energy and contain essential vitamins and minerals.


Sleeping for 6-8 hours every night is a requirement for proper body function! It’s the time your body needs to recuperate, repair your muscles and even improves your mood. Exercise and good eating are useless without sufficient sleep.


Tips like these will really help and motivate your to manage a long term successful healthy lifestyle. Take tips from experts, from dieticians and even from people you look up to for inspiration – you never know which trip does the trick.


You need to understand what your body needs, how much weight you need to gain/lose to be “fit” (not skinny, not thin- but fit) and how often you should exercise. It is important to understand nutritional facts on packaged items and what goes into your body. Understanding is essential for better results!


Yes lean protein and meats are important, BUT you can’t have a balanced diet unless you’re eating enough green leafy vegetables. Incorporate them in every meal!


Weight cannot be defined as per your weighing scale or BMI. Your focus cannot be ‘How can I lose weight’; you need to focus on how you can continue with your healthy lifestyle.

(e)Xtreme activities

Go for extreme activity classes like zumba, cross fit, army circuit training, power yoga and other such high intensity activities! It’s a good change from your usual workout and will probably have more effective results.


From increased flexibility to increased strength, from meditating to improving bone health; yoga has all round benefits which are only going to improve your lifestyle.

Zero dieting policy

You cannot diet (and I mean not eating at all) to lose weight and ‘look thin’. Starving and minimal eating doesn’t help you to maintain a long term healthy lifestyle. Your diet must be full of rich foods.


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