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Pro Coffee or Anti Coffee?

What is your usual morning routine? Wake up, have some coffee, open your eyes and let the day begin. Coffee is addictive and how! There are people whose day cant end unless they’re consumed their daily 5 cups of coffee. Its very important to understand when to take coffee & in how much quantity so that, you can benefit rather than health issues. You could be the judge of that after reading these pro’s and cons of the effect of coffee on our health!



  • Coffee is made from seeds, and like all other seeds it has protective compounds. Coffee can prevent strokes as well as lower our risk of Parkinson’s and dementia.

  • Coffee boosts our concentration and memory

  • Coffee lowers the risk of oral cancer. Decaf has a much weaker effect for the same while tea had no effect at all.

  • Studies show that high consumption of caffeine reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • The caffeine in coffee controls many brain functions e.g. mood, energy levels, vigilance and even reaction time.

  • Caffeine can boost ones metabolic rate drastically, which basically means an increase in the burning of fat – weight loss!

  • A single cup of coffee contains vitamin B5, vitamin B2, potassium, manganese and magnesium – all essential and important nutrients.

  • Coffee contains stimulants which can drastically lower the risk of developing depression.



  • Coffee can disrupt sleep patterns which leads to restless sleep and finally insomnia.

  • Coffee can lead to spinal bone loss in those people who aren’t getting enough calcium on a daily basis.

  • The acidity in coffee can irritate your stomach lining which could eventually lead to ulcers, gastritis and even Crohn’s disease!

  • The over consumption of coffee can lead to headaches, and sometimes even migraines.

  • Caffeine can cause a sharp increase in blood pressure levels – those with blood pressure problems must limit themselves.

  • Regular coffee drinkers are at a risk of dehydration – they must take measures to ensure they’re always hydrated.

You’ve got the rundown on its effects, now it’s your turn to choose your side. Pro coffee or anti coffee?


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